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Buying in tbee.com is very easy, you just need to follow some steps:

- Select the item you want buy, the quantity and choose the button BUY NOW.

- Follow the steps in the checkout, write your data delivery and choose a payment method

- You will receive an email to confirm your order.

- You will receive your order in two business days.

Buying at TBee.com is totally fast and safe. We have a special caution with safety of our customers and visitors personal data in our site. All your personal data and credit card information is 100% secured.

You need to verify if you have filled in all data in the checkout steps. If the problem persists you can contact us through one of the options available on the contact page.

Orders are shipped in one business day, and take two days to deliver to Portugal mainland and islands.

We will provide you with a tracking number and detailed instructions for you to follow the entire delivery process online.

No, there's no contracts nor monthly fees with TBee. You just pay one time for the device.

TBee Camera

We have no access to the camera from your TBee, so none of your images is used by us for any purpose. We have a privacy policy and protection of your camera data.

However, we are not responsible for allowing third-party applications to access the camera.

Yes, you can take pictures with the camera that is already built-in TBee and store in the internal storage, or save photos you may find online.

The photos you have stored in your TBee can easily be watched on the TV, just go to the Social menu and choose the Images option. You can also watch on television the photos stored in other devices, from your mobile phone or tablet.

Tbee Connection

Yes, TBee can be connected to a SMART TV adding it many more features, like thousands of games and applications from the Play Store, control by gestures, HD camera to make video calls and take pictures. You can also connect the box from your service provider (MEO and NOS) to TBee to have full control. It also has access to thousands of movies, series, and music albums through add-ons.

Yes, but you must purchase an HDMI adapter to the video input format of your TV.

Yes, TBee has an HDMI IN port to connect the box from your service provider. So, you can control through TBee all features of the box on your service provider, using it for the control by gestures or remote control TBee. See here the list of operators and boxes of models compatible with TBee.

TV Channels

TBee gives you have access to the channels you have subscribed from your service provider. Make sure that the box of your carrier is properly connected to TBee.

Yes, in addition to cable channels from your service provider, you can also use TBee to receive streaming channels as well as movies and series available through the numerous add-ons available in TBee.

No, TBee works the same on your TV without being connected to a cable box.

No, it only allows interaction with the set-top box of the operator and video streaming.

Internet Connection

TBee can be connected by Wi-Fi, however, a wired connection is always the best option so that the connection does not suffer any interferences. Note that the speed of a cable connection is usually higher than for WI-FI.

It is suggested that your internet has at least 2 Mbps download speed to get the best out of your TBee. For streaming channels it is recommended to have at least 3 Mbps download speed to achieve SD quality, with this speed depending on who distributes content.

Yes, the TBee box does allows a router connection via wireless or via an ethernet cable

Data Storage

Yes, TBee's internal storage limit is 8 GB, and part of that space is reserved for the system. However you can connect an external HDD or an SD card.

If you are watching content from your cable operator will be recorded in the box from your service provider.

Yes, everything you save in the TBee intern memory.

Yes, you can use all the cloud storage platforms like OneDrive, Mega, Dropbox and Google Drive. You just need to access Google Play Store and download the apps.

Yes, just authenticate your Google account on TV and have the Google Photos app installed.

Yes, you can watch movies and tv shows on your TBee and load online or local subtitles, such as in a computer. If the movie and the subtitles are in the same folder and have the same name subtitles will open automatically.

4K Resolution

No, only if your television supports 4K, if it doesn't, TBee will be automatically configured to the maximum resolution that your tv supports.


Yes, you can install on TBee the application from your service provider and watch content from there.

Yes, From Video menu on home screen you can open Netflix's application. Just enter your account and see all the movies and series available.

Yes, in the Play Store you have access to hundred games, you only need to choose and download them. By default the TBee already suggests some games to install such as Cut The Rope, Angry Birds, Mahjong and Asphalt.

From TBee Menu, go to the video menu and choose 'My Videos' option, select 'Video add-ons' options and 'Get More'. They will show you all movies and series add-ons available.

Another option is choose from Main menu, Settings -> Interface -> Add-ons -> Install from repository, choose one of repositories that are available, select the category of addon, select the add-on chosen and at last click on install.

Support and Warranty

TBee has 2 year warranty in Europe.

Contact the dealer where you purchased your TBee, or if you have directly purchased the site of TBee through our support page.