First check if the power adapter is plugged and try again.

If the problem remains, turn off the power adapter, wait 30 seconds and try again.

If the problem remains, contact us.

Restart Tbee.

If the problem remains call a technician.

Check your TBee's used storage (applications, photos, movies,...) in Settings - System - Storage. If your TBee's storage is full, you will need to delete some content to gain free space and install what you want.

Make sure you have the gestures option enabled in the settings menu.

Next, place your finger at an angle covered by the camera and wait until it is detected.

If the problem remains, restart your TBee and try again.

If the problem still remains, call a technician.

Restart Tbee.

Remove and plug again the dongle from TBee remote, with TBee on.

Restart TBee without the dongle, and put the dongle after TBee start.

If the problem remains, call a technician.

No, when you want to reuse that user account simply login into TBee with your email and password.

Make sure you have the gestures option inactive (go to settings and make sure the hand symbol has a slash over it). If they are active you should turn them off and open the app camera. Gestures control will not work simultaneously with the camera.

Check the volume of the TBee and your television.

If you are in HDMI In mode, also check the volume of the set-top box.

If the problem remains, restart your TBee and try again.

You need to be on the same local network as your TBee.

If your smartphone has the MiraCast technology just go to your TBee settings – system – advanced – select the option MiraCast. Then, in your smartphone choose the option "stream" and select the device, in this case, TBee. Your content will appears on your screen.

If you want to send content via DLNA you need to use an app (such as AllConected) and choose what to see in TBee.

In case it is a device with Bluetooth, make sure that TBee detected and pair the new device.

Restart your TBee and try again.

Note that some mouse and keyboard models may not be compatible with TBee.

Firstly, make sure the two boxes are connected: the TBee and set-top box from your service provider.

If so, make sure the TBee is connected to the same network as the set-top box from your service provider.

The two boxes need to be in the same network in order to exist connection and control.

Make sure your HDMI cable is securely connected on both devices.

It may be because of the TBee remote orientation. The QWERTY keyboard needs to be face up, so that the other side of the remote becomes inactive. Likewise when you are using the other side (air mouse, arrow keys...) the QWERTY keyboard will turn off. Each side works until it is rotated beyond the vertical position.

Make sure that remote have the battery charged.

If in the last use saw a flashing red light means that the remote was getting out of battery.

If the remote is out of battery, put it to charge connected to a device using the USB cable that came with your TBee.

The remote takes up to three hours to get fully charged.

When is fully charged try to use it again.

If the problem remains, remove and plug again the dongle from TBee remote.

Restart your TBee in case you haven't see the problem solved.

If the problem remains, call a technician.

If the remote have battery but appears a intermittent light means that the remote isn't synchronized with the box.

Press the buttons volume- and volume+ simultaneously during 3 seconds and the remote will start trying to sync.

When the light is constant it is ready to be used.

The content you are trying to access requires that you have an internet connection.

Connect by WiFi or ethernet cable and try again.

Whenever you are not connected to the internet will be shown you the Wi-Fi icon with a dash in red on the bottom right corner of the television.

If you are using an Ethernet cable, make sure it is properly connected.

If you are using a connection by Wi-Fi, make sure you have configured the wireless network.

Check your internet connection.

The internet you are using may not have the necessary speed to display the content.

Check the notifications center for any error message, it will tell you the reason for the failure of your installation (out of space, network failure,...)

Yes, it is possible. Open Google Play, choose settings and tap Auto-update apps. Choose the first option "Do not auto-update apps.