Camera & Sound

Check if you have inactive gestures (go to settings and check if the symbol of the hand has a dash on top). If they are active, you must turn them off and try to turn on the camera application again. Gestures don’t work on simultaneously with the camera.

Check the volume of TBee and your television. If you are in HDMI In mode also check the volume of the set top box. Restart TBee.


No, when you want to use that user account again, just login at TBee, with your email and password

Internet connection

The content you are trying to access requires that you have a connection to the
Internet. Connect via WI-FI or ethernet cable and try again. Ever who is not connected to the internet, the WI-Fi icon will appear
red with a dash at the top right of the television.

If you are using an ethernet cable connection, check that it is properly connected. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure you have the wireless network configured.

Tbee Connection

You need to be on the same network as TBee. If your device has MiraCast technology just go to TBee and in Settings – System – Advanced – Select the MiraCast option.
Then, on your mobile device choose the option to transmit, where you only need to choose the device, in this case, TBee.
The image will appear on the screen. If you want to send content via DLNA you must use a third party application
(such as Allconected) and choose what you’ll see on TBee.

In the case of a Bluetooh device, make sure that the TBee has detected and paired the new device. Restart TBee and try.
Note that some mouse and keyboard models may not be TBee compliant.

If you are connecting a wired device, check that it is properly connected to TBee. Restart TBee and try again.
Note that some mouse models and keyboards may not be compatible with TBee.


This is a general problem with the Meo Go app in set-top boxes.
To get around the situation we advise you to follow this procedure:
– Go to the Meo Go settings
– Remove from automatic mode
– Put in adaptive mode (exo)
– High quality

Yes, it is possible. Just go to the Google Play Store settings and modify the
option you have in updates for “Do not update automatically”.

Check the notification center for any error messages, the it will tell you the reason for the failure of your installation (lack of
space, network failure …).

TBee Box

First check that the TBee power cord is plugged in and try again. If the fault persists, unplug the power cord and wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cord. If the fault persists, contact us.

Restart TBee.
If the failure persists, consult a technician.

Check the space that is occupying everything you have on your TBee (applications, images, videos, audio, …). To check, go to Settings – System – Storage. If your TBee’s memory is completely filled, you need to delete some of its content to free up space and install what you want.

TBee Controller

This is the position where you put the command. The QWERTY keyboard part
needs to be facing up so that the other side of the remote stay disabled. And when you use the other side, the same thing, you need face up so the QWERTY keyboard is disabled. Can not move the vertical position of the remote.

Check that the controller has a battery. If in the last use you saw a blinking red light means the remote was getting low.
If it is unloaded, load it connected to a device using the USB cable that came with your TBee. TBee Remote it takes up to three hours to be fully charged. When you are
try using the battery again.
If the fault persists, try removing and replacing the dongle from the command.
Restart TBee if you don’t see the problem resolved.
If the fault persists, contact a technician.

If the remote has a battery but a flashing light appears, it means that the remote is not synchronized with the box. Click on the volume – and volume + for three seconds simultaneously and the command will start looking for TBee. When the light stays steady it means is ready for use.

Gestures and voice

Go to the settings menu and make sure you don’t have the option of gestures
disabled. Next, position your finger at an angle that is covered by the camera and wait for it to be detected.
If the failure persists, restart the box and try again.
If the fault still persists, consult a technician.

Restart TBee.
Remove and replace the TBee remote dongle, with the TBee on.
Restart the TBee without the dongle, and place the dongle after the TBee is on.
If nothing works, contact a technician

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